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"Indian Records is devoted to Collating the records of India & works in association with Record Holders Republic {RHR, U.K}( ) in considering Indian Records as World Records".


Most E-Registration of Residential Plots

The Record for the "Most E-Registration of Residential Plots by Single Colonizer in a Single Day on Same venue" is 29 and was achieved by Mr.Abhishek Saxena.....(READ MORE)

Most Tests Qualified

The Record for the "Most Tests Qualified" is 30 which includes 2 NET, 24 SET, 3 TET and 1 Phd entrance exam and was achieved by Dhanayya Gurulingayya Kauntagi.......(READ MORE)

Most Records by Singing or Song

The Record for the "Longest song in alliteration with all the 100 words in the song beginning with the same letter in Kannada language is written, composed. .......(READ MORE)

Most Important : After Approval of RHR (U.K), the Record Claim will consider as a World Record.

Note : There is NO FEE to submit a record . A Pre-Record Submission Application must be completed and approved before attempting to set or break a record. Once completed a Submission Form with full documentation or Online Submit the form or send to RHR Indian Office.

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